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GACE Gazette

Fall 2017


Letter from the President

I promise not to be long-winded here. I just want to take a moment and say what an honor and a privilege it is to serve you, the members that make up the GACE community, as we celebrate our 50th year and lay the groundwork for the next 50 years, continuing our critical role helping build Georgia’s talent pipeline, as we’ve done since July 1967.

You already know how increasingly important a healthy and productive relationship between employers and colleges, and it’s going to be even more critical as competition for Georgia’s talent intensifies. With your help, we’re well on our way to making sure GACE is strongly positioned as the number 1 facilitator connecting career services and talent acquisition professionals in Georgia and a model for other states to follow.

This is going to be a monumental year for GACE. The Board and Committee Chairs have set aggressive goals to prepare GACE for the next 50 years:

  1. To make sure we reach a critical mass of up and coming talent, we need to increase the number of GACE member colleges to include 80% of all colleges and universities in Georgia. That’s a net increase of 23 new colleges/universities.
  2. To keep up with changing business needs and create better employer-college balance means we have to recruit and retain at least 47 new employer members to GACE this year. That will bring the employer-to-college member ratio from 1:3 to 2:3.
  3. Lastly, we’re going to start tracking our progress so we can stay focused and celebrate our wins. You’ll start seeing a GACE Dashboard soon so everyone knows long- and short-term success.

In addition to these specific goals, we have begun an important new initiative, by launching an Inclusivity & Diversity Committee (IDC). The purpose of IDC is to lead in the creating, improving, and nurturing the dynamic, creative, and inclusive environment that promotes professional development and supports the mission and vision of GACE.

While these goals may be vigorous, I, along with the Board and Committee Chairs are confident that we can meet our targets with your help. The best way to help GACE is also the simplest: volunteer on a committee and share GACE with your peers at non-member schools and employers. The 2017-2018 Committee Chairs are eager to get you engaged and a list of Committee Chairs, with contact information and volunteer opportunities are included below.

I’m looking forward to serving with you and making this a great year for GACE!

Amy Lancaster, Metro Atlanta Chamber

2017-2018 President, GACE                                                    


The purpose of the Expo is to connect employers and recruiters with career services professionals from across the state of Georgia.  Representatives from the colleges and universities will share information on academic/training/clinical programs, including student profiles and their skill set, relevant to employer hiring needs.  Employers will likewise be able to discuss hiring preferences and expectations from the coming year.  As we all know, the state of Georgia has the finest student talent in the country and employers from both within the state and beyond need not look further than right here in the Peach State! 

Employer Registration $100
  For-Profit Institutions $100 

Looking for a way to get more involved in GACE? 
Join us in planning the state's LARGEST career fair! 

Low Commitment: Just two in-person meetings, monthly conference calls in between, and attending the career fair on April 11, 2018 

No Experience Needed: We can place you alongside a past committee member 

Current Sub-Committee Openings: Student Marketing, Volunteer Coordination, Student Registration, Evaluation/Assessment, Technology/Publications, the Clothing Closet, & more

First Meeting: September 12th, 2017 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mercer University, Atlanta Campus

Contact Stefanie Swanger at swanger_s@mercer.edu for more information

Partner with GACE

Interested in creating brand awareness to all Georgia Colleges and Universities? Have an amazing product or service that you want to market and you can't get Career Services to return your call? We can help! For more information on how you can partner with GACE, please visit www.gace.org/Partner or contact Sponsorship Chairs,

Kenji Terawaki, kenji.terawaki@gatech.edu 

Nick LeVan, nicholas.levan@turner.com


Have you logged into the GACE website lately? Do so today to update your information for your GACE membership. Heather Kahl from Enterprise Holdings and Michael Dutcher from Kennesaw State University are looking forward to assisting you with getting the most from your GACE Membership.

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Stay informed of what's happening at member schools, visit the GACE calendar at http://gace.org/GACECalendar. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Special thanks as always to our GACE partners! 


Stay informed of what's happening at member schools, visit the GACE calendar at http://gace.org/GACECalendar. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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