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GACE Research Scholarship

2019 Recipients

Patrick Ledford

Career Placement and Development Director,
North Georgia Technical College

Stephani Womack

Director of Believe Greater Dalton Education Partnerships,
Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce

GACE offers two research scholarships to our career services and employer members. Each scholarship will provide a maximum of $1500 to be used for academic research, a professional development program/event, research resources, certification, or work project.

We encourage our members to grow in their areas of expertise and wish to support that growth through this scholarship. For example, GACE members should apply for this scholarship to aid in their completion of research projects for graduate school, attendance to professional development conferences related to their area of expertise, or obtaining a certification relevant to the field of career services and recruiting.

The scholarships will be awarded in June 2020 and must be used by May 1, 2021.

  1. Career Services Professional - Active employment within a college or university career services or experiential education center within the GACE membership
  2. Employers - Active employment with an employer in the field of HR located within the GACE (those with college recruiting responsibilities will be given preference).
  3. Membership in GACE and involvement in the organization
  4. Preference will be given to professionals with:
    1. Two or more years of experience and who have been given, or who aspire to, a managerial position and,
    2. Whose office has not had a recipient in the past five years
  5. Completed application and requested materials.
Applications will be accepted:

Questions cane be directed to the following:  Dawne White, West Georgia Technical College & Caitlyn Cofer, Georgia Southern University at awards@gace.org

    GACE Research Scholarship Guidelines

    Purpose of Program:

    The purpose of the GACE Research Scholarship is to promote and support research/study projects, professional development program/event, research resources, certification, or tuition toward a related activity that will further the stated professional purposes of GACE and its members.  

    This research should fall within the GACE mission and purpose: The mission of the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers is to provide a link between employers and career services officials, provide professional development, promote professional and ethical standards, and foster relationships among employers and career services professionals. The purpose TO AID in the career selection and job search of students and alumni of post- secondary educational institutions within Georgia - TO CREATE and strengthen cooperative professional relationships between employers and schools - TO PROVIDE the exchange of information regarding career development and employment trends affecting students and alumni - TO INCREASE the availability and diversity of career and job search services to students and employers throughout the state by providing professional development opportunities - TO DEVELOP and strengthen student and alumni qualifications through the implementation and maintenance of quality experiential learning programs in cooperative education, internships and student employment - TO PROMOTE the highest ethical standards of individuals engaged in career development, job search services and recruitment.

    Administration of Program:

    The program will be administered by the GACE Board through the Research sub-committee.

    Research/Project/Program Status Reports:
    A progress report is due to the GACE Research sub-committee to track the progress of the research/project/program.  The report due dates will be established when the project is awarded.  Failure to provide these reports could result in a delay or loss of funding.

    Distribution of Funds & Itemized Budget:

    Funds for the research/project/program will be distributed at the time of the award and based on amount requested from the scholarship winner. Amount of up to $1500. 

    In your itemized budget describe and support each item. 

    The following is a list of suggested items to include: 

    Personnel (release time, percent of salary, clerical assistance, graduate assistants), project materials, program registration, postage, printing and duplication, travel, office supplies, telephone, computer time and/or programming, and other direct and indirect costs (amount and date) charged by your institution, if appropriate.  The amount of the award is stated in the agreement letter and based on the budget submitted in the proposal. 

    Recipient must keep a detailed account of invoices, receipts, and other documentation for all project expenses, to be submitted with final research report.

    Compliance with Federal Law and Guidelines: 

    If conducting academic research, the researcher agrees to follow all Federal law and research guidelines when completing this research.

    Final Report and Presentation Expectations:

    The project must be completed within the allotted time frame.  The goal is that the recipient will present on their research/project/program at the annual GACE conference in of the year in which the project is completed.  Upon completion, the recipient will submit a comprehensive final report including an abstract/brief description suitable for inclusion in the GACE newsletter.  The recipient will also submit an annual conference program proposal on the Research project, following deadline set by the annual conference committee.

    Timeline for 2019 Research Scholarship: 

    (dates will be amended based on project specifics before this agreement is sent for signature of recipient) 

    Application Release January 17, 2019
    Applications due  April 5, 2019
    Award announced
    2019 Conference
    Distribution of funding
    June 2019 (official "start date" of project)
    Submission of Progress Report #1 August 2019 Board Meeting
    Submission of Progress Report #2
    November 2018 Board Meeting
    Submit Program Proposal to Conference Committee
    January 2020
    Submit Final Report March 2020 Board meeting
    Present at Annual Conference
    May 2020 conference

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