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Diversity is out Heritage and our Future

At GACE, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive representation of Colleges, Employers, and Student populations. We believe diversity drives innovation and our goal is to provide equal access to all student bodies and employers and to create an environment that acknowledges and appreciates the unique skills and experiences that occur as a result of individual and cultural differences. Our D&I strategy is based on four pillars designed to accelerate how we provide a fostering and preserving a culture of inclusion.       

    • Equal Access
    • Acknowledgment and appreciation
    • Concerted effort for diverse group of participants
    • Sensitivity encouragement

In the Community

GACE makes concerted efforts to engage a diverse group of participants to serve on the Board, committees, task forces, and activities. Members should encourage sensitivity through promoting open dialogue and active listening, create an inclusive environment where people will thrive and feel a sense of belonging, and create an atmosphere that demonstrates respect and appreciation for the diversity of ideas and thoughts of others.


Author:  Deanna Shoss is a marketer, writer, interculturalist in Chicago. As President and CEO of Intercultural Talk, Inc.
Web Source:  ndcnews.org

Author:  Jacqueline Ferguson is a writer, and Director of Special Projects and Diversity Champion at Walk West
Web Source:  ndcnews.org

To submit your article, please send your information to the following address:  diversity@gace.org.

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